Over the course of the past decade, Brian has been instrumental in commissioning, programming and performing new works for voice and chamber ensemble. A world premiere and a second hearing of a forgotten work are mainstays of his recitals. 

Brian is always looking for interesting new collaborations and word settings. Please contact him if you have a project you might think suitable for collaborating.  


WORKS PREMIERED (highlights)

MICHEL BOSC - Ninos et Shamiram (cantata for soprano, tenor and orchestra), Perceval (cantata for tenor, horn and piano), Dans le foret de Septembre (piano)

NICOLAS CARLOZZI - Songs for a Stranger (piano)

ERIC CHOATE - ...and fall (cycle for tenor, cello and piano; two carl sundberg songs (piano); Those Winter Nights (piano); My Cathedral (piano); Skye Boat Song (piano)

DAVID CONTE - American Death Ballads (piano and  chamber orchestra versions, WINNER 2016 NATS Art-Song Competition), Rossetti Songs (high-key, piano), Three Yeats Songs (string quartet), Three Love Songs (tenor, cello and piano)

SHINJI ESHIMA - Bourne to Shelley (aria for tenor, horn and piano)

STACY GARROP - Terra Nostra (Parts I & II, oratorio for soli, chorus and orchestra)

SCOTT GENDEL - I'm Afraid It's You (piano, 2nd place 2016 NATS Art-Song Competition), Worship Songs (tenor and percussion), Barbara Allen (oratorio for soprano, tenor and chamber orchestra), The New Colossus 

GORDON GETTY  - Poor Peter (orchestral version), The Canterbury Ghost (workshop, opera), Usher House (workshop, opera), Goodbye, Mr. Chips (workshop, opera)

EDGAR GIRTAIN - Three Appalachian Folksongs (cello)

BRIAN HOLMES - There was an old man (violin), The Jolly Hunter (horn) 

PETER JOSHEFF - The Cauldron (violin, guitar), The Dream Mechanic (tenor, narrator, chamber orchestra), Europa and the Bull (chamber orchestra)

LAWRENCE LOWE - Three Folk Songs (tenor, horn, piano)

NOAH LUNA - The Highwayman (string quartet)

MICHAEL SCHERPEREL - Merciles Beaute (tenor version, cello), Tagtraume (violin, viola, cello and clarinet)

JOSPEH STILLWELL - Two Yeats Songs (European Premiere, orchestral and piano versions)

IAN VENABLES - On Wings of Love (US Premiere, clarinet and piano), Through these pale, cold days (US Premiere, viola and piano; World Premiere cello and piano version)

ALEXANDRA VREBALOV - Abraham in Flames (opera)

GREGORY ZAVRACKY - On the Beach at night (tenor, violin and percussion) 


with pianist Warren Jones, NATS 54th Annual Conference Art Song Competition Winner's Recital ~ July 10, 2016