Per pieta, non ricercate KV 420 (excerpt, live) by Mozart. Members of Prague Sinfonietta with Shulamit Hoffman, conductor. 

Triumph, Victorious Love! (live) from Dioclesian by Purcell. Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and Chorale with Nicholas McGegan, conductor. 

Her Dream with John Churchwell, pianist. Free download from forthcoming album! 



on stage

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Sound Library

Voice of Rapture: The Tenor from SoundIron Studios

FROM SOUNDIRON STUDIOS: Voice of Rapture: The Tenor, the next in our series of pristine solo vocal sampling libraries, is designed as a companion to our Voice of Rapture: The Soprano library. Recorded with Tenor virtuoso Brian Thorsett, the library captures the classic, powerful operatic Tenor sound through a wide range of playable chromatic content and emotionally charged melodic phrases. From a belting, bombastic fortissimo sound to a gentle and soft pianissimo, The Tenor provides the creative freedom, power and flexibility making it the best solo Tenor vocal library in the world. Recorded in a warm studio environment with multiple mic types, each articulation has been carefully programmed into our powerful performance system. This virtual solo voice instrument brings together superior programming, brilliant performances, unrivaled sonic quality and living, breathing soul into an unprecedented solo vocal solution.


Staged Opera Scenes coming soon